Giglio of Florence
Medusa del Caravaggio ring
Fiorentino DOC
Old bridge with chain
Medusa of Caravaggio ring
Fiorino coin ring
Pontevecchio with black zirconi
Medusa of Caravaggio
Cufflinks giglio squared
Pontevecchio bangle for him
Pontevecchio cuff bicolor
Pontevecchio light bangle for her
Medusa of Caravaggio
Pontevecchio big
Medusa of Caravaggio
Pontevecchio double
Pontevecchio minimal
Pontevecchio minimal 2
Medusa of Caravaggio
Medusa of Caravaggio black
Fiorini with gasmask
Fiorini with gasmask G
Fiorini with gasmask G
Fiorini golf player
Twin skulls over lilies
Fiorino elastic bracelet golden ematite
Fiorino bracelet with silver ematite
Fiorino elastic bracelet with brown ematite
Links with stone and lilly